Message of Hope

A Message of Hope

The holidays are quickly approaching! 

Give the gift of hope and invite Jamie and Gladys Scott to share their unbelievable message of hope with your group or organization.After serving sixteen years in prison for a crime they did not commit, the Scott Sisters have an inspiring message of hope to share.

From prison to praise! 

Still on parole for the rest of their lives, Jamie and Gladys share how they live with faith and hope in spite of their many parole restrictions and constant challenges. 

From glory to glory!

Jamie has lost the necessary weight for a critical kidney transplant, but is now faced with another obstacle in order to remain on the kidney transplant list.

Inspiring and Encouraging!

With families torn apart and hearts broken, Jamie and Gladys have turned their trials into testimonies of faith that will uplift and offer inspiration to press through the battles and bumps of life.  Although released from prison, the sisters aren’t functionally free, yet they live to share their story and live spiritually free one day at a time.